Kat Nips vs. Vin
Catalog Number vdo-183-0010

Boy are we on a winning streak with hot girls joining our wrestling association....and we have only you fans to thank....it`s a great cycle, our sales get better and better and because you fans support us so much we reward your patronage by getting even better looking and better built girls...keep it up. In this match we see not 1 but 2 new hot blonde bombshells...straight out of the Las Vegas strip circuit. Kat Nips is awesome with her beautiful big tits, and her sister, shapely Monroe gives her encouragement in her beautiful blue bikini. Kat Nips has a tough order to fill as she is taking on Vin, who you have seen him beat Alexis and a few other girls in classic match-ups. Great spirited back and forth match with a lot of ball grabbing from Kat and a lot of choking and nipple and titty twisting from Vin. Per contractual obligation and fairness, shapely Monroe does not intervene in the match....but that does not stop her for some post-match dirty tricks on Vin....this match is a must see.

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